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Photographer's Walking Tour of Paris - The Latin Quarter

Classement :
Durée : 3 heures 30 minutes
Départ : Paris, France
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Discover the world's most photogenic city through the eyes of one of its biggest fans! Professional photographer, writer, artist, poet and teacher Sab Will is waiting to show you a Paris which will astonish you! Sab has a sharp photographic eye, and he will love passing on to you the ability to see the unusual, striking shot from the seemingly ordinary, all with his trademark enthusiasm and good humor.

What can you expect? An unforgettable tour of a classic Paris quarter, full of stunning sights and sounds which you will be shown how to capture forever with your lens. You will learn many new techniques and "ways of thinking" to allow you to develop your imagination and spontaneity. The camera you have is not important, enthusiasm and imagination is the key to creating a great image.

If you are the proud owner of the latest digital or traditional SLR Sab will show you how to use all its capabilities to the full. If you are nervously clutching a humble plastic throwaway, Sab will show you how to take great photos with that too! You will have countless occasions to learn new skills as Sab devotes plenty of time to everyone in your small groups with a maximum of six participants.

You will explore Paris' Latin Quarter in Sab's capable hands and have the chance to capture all the magic and intrigue of this historic and surprisingly contemporary capital.

Mysterious Montmartre. Notre-Dame is the world-famous jewel in the crown of the Ile de la Cite, the original Paris before the city outgrew its island boundaries. This whole area is steeped in history and secrets just waiting to be discovered.

Visit the church and roam the banks of the river with the twisting back streets rich in atmosphere and echoes of the past. Investigate the legendary Latin Quarter, ending your tour in a typical French bistro for a friendly photo critique of your efforts (for those of you who took photos digitally, of course)!

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