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Arrivals and departures Orly Airport by taxi

Arrivals and departures Orly airport by Taxi or limousine

Paris Taxis serve all destinations in the Paris Region.



Taxi stands
To leave the airport, you will find taxis at the exit to the baggage reclaim area of your arrival terminal:
 terminal 1 exit 20 on the arrivals level
 terminals 2A & 2C exit 6
 terminals 2B & 2D exit 7
 terminals 2E & 2F exit 1
 terminal exit of the arrivals hall


Expect an average fare of €25 during the day (7am to 7pm) and €30 at the night rate (7pm to 7am and on Sundays and public holidays), for a journey into central Paris in normal traffic conditions. For heavy luggage, an additional charge of €0.90 per item is payable.


Prices to Paris-Orly
- from Central Paris : approx. €35*
- from La Défense : approx. €50*
- from Evry (91) : approx. €23*
- from Cergy-Pontoise (95) : approx. €85*
- from Versailles (78) : approx. €37*
- from Melun-Gare (77) : approx. €57*
- from Paris-CDG airport (95) : approx. €63*
* Prices are an indication only, daytime rate.


Night time, Sunday and Public Holiday rates:
A supplement of approximately 15% applies :
- at night, from 7 pm to 7 am,

 - on Sundays and Public Holidays.


Orly airport by Limousine:
You can also rent a chauffeur driven car that will take you where you wish to go.

Prices to Paris-Orly
Paris to Paris-Orly airport flat rate : €90*

* Prices are an indication only and are subject to change

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