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Paris Charles de Gaulle airport: Your luggage

Paris Charles de Gaulle airport: Your luggage


Have you lost a personal belonging or a piece of luggage when passing through Charles de Gaulle Airport ? Check this page for info



What can I take with me? What weight limits apply to cabin or checked bags? Everything you need to know so that your personal property can travel safely.


Your cabin bags
 You can take hand luggage on board with you:
  Maximum weight: 5 kg
  Maximum dimensions: 115 cm (total of three dimensions L + W + H)


Your checked bags
 The maximum weight of the luggage you can check in depends on the airline you are flying with:
 generally a weight limit of 23 kg applies in economy class and 30 to 40 kg in first class,
 above this weight, an excess baggage charge will apply.
 If you need to carry fragile items (bicycles, musical instruments…), contact your airline ahead of time.
 Large items cannot be carried even as checked bags, they must be shipped as freight.


Checking your bags in
 Be sure to check in before the check in time limit shown on your ticket! The terminal that you leave from is also shown on your ticket.
 At the check in counter, be sure to place any items not allowed in hand baggage in your checked luggage[lien paragraphe « Les objets interdits en cabine » en bas de page]. If any such items are found during the security inspections, they will be destroyed.

Security tips
 Never accept any luggage or package from a stranger, whatever the reason.
 Never leave your luggage unattended, even for a short while. You luggage could become suspect and be destroyed.
 Inform airport staff of any luggage or package left unattended.


Items not allowed in hand baggage
 Make sure that your hand baggage does not contain any items that could be used as a weapon or considered as such::
 - pointed or cutting items (scissors, cutter, knitting needles…)
 - blunt instruments (baseball bats, skateboards…)
 - explosive or inflammable substances (self-defense sprays, aerosol cans…)
 - chemical or toxic substances (electrolyte batteries, infected blood…)
 - replica weapons (pistols, knives…).

Hypodermic syringes may be permitted for medical reasons. Please contact your airline for information.


Items not allowed on board planes:
 The following items are prohibited, whether in your hand baggage or checked luggage:
 - any inflammable gases, liquids or solids (scuba tanks, fire lighters...)
 - explosives (warning flairs)
 - reactive substances (lighter fuel)
 - organic oxidants and peroxides (car batteries)
 - toxic or infectious substances (paint)
 - radioactive and magnetic materials (compass)
 - corrosive substances (bleach…)
 - vehicle fuel feed components having contained fuel (for example?)

Shotguns, collector's or sporting guns and diving flare may be allowed under certain conditions. Please contact your airline for information.

Your comments : Your luggage

lost luggage
- australian
(2 Sep 2014 - 09:30)
my daughter is competing in international surfing comp and air seychelles lost her surfboards comp starts 48 hours in biarritz
incompetence at its best !!!!!!
Lost Luggage
- Frances Swift
(12 Nov 2013 - 10:00)
I checked in our my luggage with Swissport handlers in Terminal 1 on Monday 28th October 2013 for a flight to Dublin with Aerlingus. It is now two weeks later and there is still no sign of my suitcase. Its never arrived in Dublin. It is lost in some black hole and is in nobody's interest to find it. It contains some of my most cherished clothes and jewellery. Is there anyone in Charles de Gaulle airport who can help on the ground ?
lost luggage
- Rodolfo Reitsma
(6 Sep 2013 - 11:00)
Airfrnace lost my suit cases, even when i checked in 3 hours before my flight departed. I noticed people who arrived way after me checked in way later and all their luggage arrived. Such a bad and terrible service from AF and this all with the I don't care attitude which can only be attributed to a crappy airline full of incompetent people working there!
- Vanessa
(19 Jun 2013 - 10:30)
My baggage was checked in accordingly at your airport and when I arrived at Dublin airport my luggage was not there. Sighting the problem as "there was not enough time to board your luggage" and "because of the earlier thunder causing delays" is in no way acceptable and is an absolute disgrace... I need my luggage asap. It is of high value and one thing is for sure I will never ever fly with your airline again. The airport is impossible to find your way around and the total lack of English by your employees makes a terrible situation even worse.... I need my baggage, now!
(23 May 2013 - 09:30)
We fly into Pariis early in the morning is its possible to leave suitcases at the airport we fly out late in the evening?
Lost my blue suitcase at the security
(16 Feb 2013 - 12:00)
Yesterday Feb 14 I have forgitten my blue suitcase midsize at the security. A gate officer has found it and brought it to lost and found. How can I get it back to Geneva?
Delayed baggage transfer at CdG
- Euge
(29 Sep 2012 - 09:45)
I will never fly through Paris CdG again. My baggage has been delayed there for two days already and it is unclear still whether it has been put on a flight yet to my destination even though there are three a day run by Air France. Such a rubbish service! They can't even use the excuse of a strike this time; it's just pur incompetence. I need the contents urgently for my job.
terminal 2 storage lockers
- larry Alserda
(22 Aug 2012 - 19:30)
are there lockers for luggage in terminal 2?

If so where are they?
Storing baggage
- Richard Bryson
(22 Aug 2012 - 13:30)

Je voudrais stocker 1 sac pendant la nuit dans 2E. Est-ce possible?
Storing luggage
- Wal Anthony
(10 Aug 2012 - 10:30)
Can we store 2 suitcases at terminal F for 9 days? How much would it cost? We are fling to Oslo for 9 days and don't want to take all our luggage with us, as we are in transit to Australia.
CDG Terminal 2 and XL Airways France airline
- Cat
(11 Jul 2012 - 07:45)
Does anyone know anything about XL Airways France airline? We are scheduled to land at CDG at 12:55 (in the afternoon, Terminal 2A I think) is that enough time to get to get luggage and get to the TGV for a 16:20 train?
tansfer from 2e to 2f
- rchance
(21 May 2012 - 10:00)
how long does it take to go from 2e to 2f
Bike Box
- FC
(2 Apr 2012 - 08:15)
I will be travelling with my bike in a cardboard bike box. Am i able to unpack and reassemble my bike at CDG and if so, are there facilities to get rid of the empty bike box?
lost laptop
- N. Akopov
(31 Mar 2012 - 15:30)
I forgot my laptop "Sony Vaio" (pink color into the brown cover) at baggage check area, after passed security screening gate (putted into the tray ) during my fly from Hamburg to Yerevan on March 28 (flight AF1411). I'm ready to provide detailed information on my laptop including the password (if necessary).

Thanks in advance.

N. Akopov
Storing Luggage
- Al Horzelenberg
(19 Jan 2012 - 19:15)
Are there lockers available in Terminal 2F?
How long can I store a package?
How much is the cost for storing an item for three weeks?

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