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Paris city guide
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Paris hotels, Tours and Attractions
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About is a travel website dedicated to Paris (France).


Our Mission: Our mission is to improve the travel experience for today's modern traveler whom is looking for a great trip to Paris at unbeatable prices.  Our main focus is helping you find hotels, accommodations and tours in Paris that meet your specific needs.  Whether you are a business traveler, family vacationer, adventurer, or budget traveler, we can help you plan a memorable trip to Paris. is powered by the oldest and most known city guide of Barcelona (Spain) created in 1996., Inc. is an independent U.S. commercial company, not related to any civic institution.

This site and domain are not affiliated with or owned by any government or municipal authority.


With more than 15 years of experience in hotel bookings we offer you daily best deals on hotels in Paris.



  •  The Company


Since 1996, Inc. and offer the best choice of hotels and room rates in Paris. Coverage ranges from small family hotels, chain hotels, airport hotels, charming hotels, luxury hotels to low budget hotels for short or long stay., Inc. is a U.S. registered company
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 P.O Box 5253
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 Tel. +1.818.574.5770 / Fax +16463493064




  •  The Team


Since 1996 our team has expanded to 21 professionals from hotel, internet technology and marketing businesses. We have built a company that provides online hotel reservations in the best possible way.

The customer service team gives dedicated services to all our customers.



  •  Our Vision


We believe that the internet offers great opportunities to business and leisure travellers worldwide to find and book accommodation in a pleasant, efficient and cost-effective way. At we are committed to turn this into reality by creating excellent informative website, offering competitive rates at transparent and friendly reservation conditions.



  •  Benefits for the traveller


Easy search
 We are very proud to offer you a very efficient hotel search engine able to find hotels in Paris sorted by best price, area, name, class, traveller opinions, maps and more…


Low Prices
 We are able to offer the most competitive rates due to the high volumes of reservations we deliver to the hotels and our personal relationship with them.


No surprise
 The reservation service of is free of charge. So therefore no additional fees are added to the room price.


Secure booking
 Our booking system is secure and your credit card and personal information will be encrypted. We work to high standards and guarantee your privacy. For further details, please check our privacy statement.

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Enjoy your journey in Paris!!

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i love paris
- brooke mullin
(21 Mar 2012 - 22:45)
i am in school right now and looking up paris for an essay and i love it

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