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Paris city guide
Paris hotels, Tours and Attractions
Paris hotels, Tours and Attractions
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Restaurants in Paris, France

Our listing of almost all restaurants in Paris with reviews, comments and ratings...


Find our selection of recommended best restaurants in our Paris City Guide at the Where to eat in Paris section


Remember that:
 In Paris lunch is served from 11:30am to 2pm and dinner from 7:30pm to 11pm.  
 Brasseries are open all day long.
 Restaurants are often closed on Sunday and Monday.

 Tipping: all bills include a service charge, but an additional tip of a few euros (for the whole table) is polite unless you’re unhappy with the service.


Abruzzese restaurants(4) African(37) Algerian restaurants(4) Alsacian(3) Alsatian restaurants(5) Arabic restaurants(7) Argentinian restaurants(12) Asian(64) Auvergnat(2) Bouchon lyonnais restaurants(1) Brazilian restaurants(9) Cambodian restaurants(3) Caribbean restaurants(4) Chinese(59) Colombian restaurants(3) Contemporary cuisine restaurants(4) Corse(5) Corsican restaurants(11) Créative restaurants(3) Creole(5) Créole restaurants(10) Crêperie(64) Cuban(5) Cuisine bistronomique restaurants(1) East Europe(16) Eastern Europe restaurants(1) English restaurants(6) Ethiopian restaurants(7) Fish & sea food restaurants(1) Fish & seafood. restaurants(12) French cuisine(1744) French Southwest restaurants(13) From Auvergne restaurants(3) From market restaurants(8) Fusion restaurants(14) Georgian(1) German restaurants(1) Greek(13) Grilled restaurants(2) Indian(126) Indonesian restaurants(1) International restaurants(40) Internazionale restaurants(2) Iranian restaurants(6) Isles Cuisine(7) Italian(406) Japanese(166) Korean(37) Lebanese(71) Lyonnais(3) Meats and Grills(4) Mediterranean(30) Mexican(15) Middle Eastern restaurants(7) Moroccan restaurants(31) Morrocan(13) Napolitain restaurants(1) Northern America(10) Organic restaurants(3) Oriental(7) Others(11) Peruvian restaurants(7) Pizzeria restaurants(7) Portuguese restaurants(1) Provençale restaurants(2) Provencial(2) Romanian restaurants(1) Russian(13) Savoyard(6) Scandinavian(7) Seafoods(15) Siciliano restaurants(2) South American restaurants(55) South-West(8) Southern America(10) Southwestern restaurants(7) Spanish(37) Thai(73) Tibetan restaurants(3) Traditional cuisine. restaurants(6) Tunisian(4) Turkish(11) Vegetarian Cuisine restaurants(4) Vietnamese(39) World food(24)

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