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Paris Rent a Car - Paris airports car rental

Rent a Car in Paris


France has strict drink driving laws, blood alcohol levels being stricter than in the UK (0.5 mg/ml rather than 0.8). Rather than present you with meaningless figures relating to blood/breath alcohol levels, our advice is if you're driving, don't drink.


Seat belts front and rear are obligatory everywhere.


Speed limits, shown below, are implemented rigorously. Radar traps are frequent. In France, anyone caught travelling at more than 25km/h above the speed limit can have their licence confiscated on the spot.

Be aware that urban speed limits begin at the town or city sign


When approaching a roundabout give way to traffic already on the roundabout, on your left, unless signed otherwise.


It is compulsory for all children up to 10 years to travel in the back seat of a car and wear a seat belt or be strapped into a proper child seat.


EU and EEA driving licences are valid in France. International Driving Licences (IDL) accompanied by a valid foreign licence (non-EU or EEA) are accepted in France.


Speed Limits, Priority & Road Conditions


UNLESS otherwise marked by signs:

  • Autoroute (national highway/freeway system/motorway system): 130 Km/h and 110 Km/h when raining 
  • Expressways: 110 Km/h and 100 Km/h when raining
  • Two lane roads or single lane roads separated by an island: 110 Km/h and 100 Km/h when raining
  • Regional roads: 90 Km/h and 80 Km/h when raining
  • Built up areas (towns and villages): 50 Km/h
  • Any time visibility is less than 50m: 50 Km/h


Now, after knowing the rules, you must be aware that traffic within Paris at all times is especially bad and extremely challenging. It's also a puzzle how are they parking, no wonder small cars are so popular. Driving around Paris requires some time and serious patience. So we only recommend to rent a car in Paris if you want to make a journey outside the city!.

Your comments : Rent a Car

We are staying near the La Tour Eiffel, would like to pick up a rental car nearby
- Susan Kendall
(24 Oct 2012 - 09:45)
Would like a car for day or overnight trip to Normandy
23th and 24th of November, what do you recommend?
- Donald Goodman
(15 Jul 2012 - 11:15)
I require hand control assistance. The other two drivers do no. So the car should be hand-cotrolled and standard automatic transmission

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