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Arrival and Departure from the apartment in Paris

Arrival and Departure from the apartmentin Paris

Please read the following steps in order to familiarize yourself with the arrival and departure process.


1. Together with the confirmation of your reservation, our Partner Friendly Rentals will send you an e-mail containing all the information you will need for your arrival. Please contact Friendly Rentals if you do not receive this email within 24 hours of making your reservation.


2. You will be asked to email us as soon as possible with the time of your arrival if you have not informed us while completing your booking.


3. Depending on the instructions given to you in your arrival and departure confirmation e-mail you will be required to either make your way to our Friendly Rentals Arrival and Departures office or directly to the apartment itself.
Please note: for arrivals from 21:00hrs onwards, there is a late check-in fee of 30 euros. Please note check-in is between 15:00hrs and 02:00hrs.


4. When you arrive either to the office or to the apartment a Friendly Rentals staff member or the owner of the apartment will provide you with the following:

  • Keys for entry to the apartment
  • Instructions on how to reach the apartment
  • Instruct you how to use the equipment in the apartment, rubbish removal, grocery store location, nearest metro stations etc.

    They will also:

  • Collect the remaining rental amount in cash. The exact amount will be stated in your arrival and departure information that will be sent to you upon confirmation of your reservation.
  • Collect the damage deposit. Please check your arrival and departure confirmation email regarding method of payment.


5. During your stay at the apartment we ask you to contact Friendly Rentals IMMEDIATELY if you find anything missing or in bad condition or if you accidentally break anything so that we can fix or settle whatever it is. We want you to enjoy your stay and not be inconvenienced by something which can be fixed or replaced.

6. Contact us during business hours for anything like restaurant recommendations, directions from where you are if lost or just general questions regarding either the apartment or the city.

7. Departures are at 11:00hrs or before.  Any unauthorized departures after 11:00hrs will be penalized. If you require a later departure please ask when you check in if this is possible. We will try to accommodate you, providing our next arrival is not early the same day. If it is possible you can stay in the apartment until 18.00, paying 50% of the rental cost per night. Any departures after 18:00hors will be subject to the full price per day. On the departure day you should leave the apartment tidy with all rubbish correctly disposed of. Please leave ALL sets of keys on the table and shut the door firmly out behind you after having made sure that you have all of your belongings and that the main door to the building has not been locked with a key!!!

8. With advance notice we can book a taxi for you for your departure from the apartment.

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Please read the following steps in order to familiarize yourself with the arrival and departure process, like receiving the keys of the apartment or getting refunded your damage deposit upon departure from an apartment in Paris.

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