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Your comments : Louvre Museum The Lacemaker Vermeer

Vermeer` Painting - `The Lacemaker`
- Elizabeth Victoria Alexander., U.K.
(11 Aug 2013 - 12:45)
This painting is one of the gifts to our era, depicting not only the natural methodical dedication as everyday fact, of crafts`-people`s natural to their craft/s, but of the value of the master - apprentice dynamics of the era, whereby the genius and expertise was used to draw out of the talented apprentices their own gifts. The apprentice - journeyman - master lengthy one - to - one trainings, more `educare` than emulation but in technique has been preserved and revered for its` fine - arts efficacy - to our benefit.
A study of any of the Masters` and apprentices works and themes is a basis of much which we might do well to pursue.
This theme has the air of both discipline and fulfilment in work, gently conveyed by Vermeer`s genius.

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