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Le Bataclan - Paris

Le Bataclan Paris

Le Bataclan - Paris

Bataclan Disco, is a key location for the night in Paris.


Mythical and compelling scene on the 11th arrondissement, Bataclan, begins in the turbulent mid-nineteenth century, has seen her on stage the biggest names in rock, jazz, blues and world music.


Opened in the mid-19th century, this Paris theater and concert venue's vintage charm, intimate setting, and cutting-edge programming secure its status as one of the best places to head for a concert or performance. The room has seen a succession of major international artists, representatives of the new French scene, musicals and one-man shows. Among the many artists who played the Bataclan include Jane Birkin, Sinik, Gossip, David Guetta, but also Dany Boon, Gad Elmaleh or Michael Youn.


The venue has a bar serving beer, wine, and some mixed drinks. Prices average 4-6 Euros.


Le Bataclan Paris

Le Bataclan - Paris

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Le Bataclan - Paris

Address : 50, Boulevard Voltaire
Zip code : 75011
City : Paris - France
Area : Marais, Notre-Dame
Email :
Website : Le Bataclan - Paris
Prices : Prices average 4-6 Euros
Phone : 01 43 14 00 30
Metro/Bus : Oberkampf



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