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Orly Airport: Traveling with your pet

Orly Airport: Traveling with your pet

Taking your favorite pet with you at Paris Orly airport?
Here is all the information you need to ensure that they travel under the best possible conditions.

Your pet is a member of a domestic species
Carrying a household pet (dog, cat, hamster…) is allowed on both domestic and international flights.

Travel conditions
Your pet travels with you in the cabin :
- when it weighs less than 5 kg, and
- is carried in a carry case sized so that the sum of its three dimensions does not exceed 115 cm (L+W+H).

Your pet travels in the luggage hold :
- when its weight exceeds 5 kg.
The luggage hold is ventilated, heated and pressurized. At the airport, your airline can sell you a suitable container for carrying pets.

- Household pets travel for the same price as excess baggage.
- Guide dogs belonging to passengers with a sensorial or physical disability travel free, in the cabin, next to their master. Guide dogs must be muzzled.

Necessary formalities
- When you make your reservation, inform the airline that you will be taking a pet along.
- Ask for information on arrival formalities (vaccination, tattooed markings...). Quarantine may be imposed depending on circumstances and destination.
- Take your animal's heath records with you.

Cases where pets may be refused permission to board
Some pets may be refused permission to board for various reasons:
- Only a limited number of pets allowed on each flight,
- Regulations in the destination country,
- The pet's health.

Your pet belongs to a wild or protected species:
For example, if your pet is a wild animal or reptile, its transport is severely regulated.


Your comments : Traveling with your pet

pet accepting shuttle
- marry
(6 Mar 2012 - 09:30)
Travelling with my little doggy is always a challenging task.

I wish to say thank you again to DS PRESTIGE shuttle for they friendliness and great service! here we are they accept PETS !!!

Thank you and see you again soon!

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