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Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport : Car parking rates

Paris Charles de Gaulle airport - Car Parking Rates for short and long term stay


Find on this site all information concerning car parking at Charles de Gaulle airport 


 Car park at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport (Prices 2011)

At park P1 fro example:

0h10 to 1h00         € 4
1h00 to 2h00         € 8
2h00 to 3h00         € 12
3h00 to 4h00         € 16
4h00 to 5h00         € 20
5h00 to 6h00         € 24
6h00 to 7h00         € 28
7h00 to 24h00         € 32
Between 2 and 5 days inclusive, €12.50 per 12 hr period
Between 6 and 14 days inclusive, €25 per 24 hr period
Between 15 and 30 days inclusive, €370
For parking in excess of 30 days, €60 flat rate par additional week


Where to pay:
 - Car park entrance and exit terminals, with a bank card
 - Automatic machines (bank card/cash)
 - Cash desk at car park exit (cheque/bank card/cash).

Maximum vehicle dimensions:
- Height: 1,90 m
- Widht: 2,20 m
- Lenght: 5.50 m (double barrier)




 Holiday Car Park at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport at  P3

from 0 to 7 days     120,00 €
8 days flat fee     125,00 €
9 days flat fee     130,00 €
10 days flat fee     135,00 €
11 days flat fee     140,00 €
12 days flat fee     145,00 €
13 days flat fee     150,00€
14 days flat fee     155,00 €
15 days flat fee     160,00 €
16 days flat fee     165,00 €
17 days flat fee     170,00 €
18 days flat fee     175,00 €
19 days flat fee     180,00 €
20 days flat fee     185,00 €
from 21 to 30 days     190,00 €
More than 30 days     40,00 € /additionnal week

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