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Traveling with your pet

Paris Charles de Gaulle airport :Traveling with your pet


Taking your favorite pet with you at paris Charles de Gaulle airport?
Here is all the information you need to ensure that they travel under the best possible conditions.


Your pet is a member of a domestic species
 Carrying a household pet (dog, cat, hamster…) is allowed on both domestic and international flights.


Travel conditions
  Your pet travels with you in the cabin :

 - when it weighs less than 4 kg, and
  - is carried in a carry case sized so that the sum of its three dimensions does not exceed 115 cm (L+W+H).
  Your pet travels in the luggage hold :
  - when its weight exceeds 4 kg.
 The luggage hold is ventilated, heated and pressurized. At the airport, your airline can sell you a suitable container for carrying pets.

  - Household pets travel for the same price as excess baggage.
  - Guide dogs belonging to passengers with a sensorial or physical disability travel free, in the cabin, next to their master. Guide dogs must be muzzled.



Necessary formalities
  - When you make your reservation, inform the airline that you will be taking a pet along.
  - Ask for information on arrival formalities (vaccination, tattooed markings...). Quarantine may be imposed depending on circumstances and destination.
  - Take your animal's heath records with you.



Cases where pets may be refused permission to board
 Some pets may be refused permission to board for various reasons:
  - Only a limited number of pets allowed on each flight,
  - Regulations in the destination country,
  - The pet's health.



Your pet belongs to a wild or protected species:
 For example, if your pet is a wild animal or reptile, its transport is severely regulated.


Request information from your airline or the following ministries in France :

Ministry of Agriculture
01 49 55 49 55

Ministry of Economy, Industry and Labour
01 40 04 04 04

Ministry of the Environment
01 42 19 20 21


Your comments : Traveling with your pet

Dogs clearing customs at CDG
- Kurt
(5 Jul 2017 - 09:00)
We will be landing at CDG, with 2 dogs in the cabin. Does anyone know the process of going thru customs? Do you go to the normal customs line and show paperwork? Is there a different line with dogs? Do they have to go thru any other inspection?
Any info is welcome.
Charles De Gaulle pets
- Patricia
(2 Jun 2014 - 08:00)
When I last arrived at CDG, the customs office had no concern for the papers saying that the fact that the dog had been boarded was sufficient. THe dog was just handed to me and off I went. Also if collecting people, dogs are often with owners walking round the terminal. How are you going onwards to the UK? That part is proving to be the hardest part as my vehicle is already in the UK and so I am having to go to Dieppe or Le Havre!
Arriving at Charles de Gaulle with a pet
- Zoe
(17 Mar 2014 - 07:30)
Do you know anything bout where to go with your pet when you arrive at the airport? We land in Charles de gaulle at 7.55pm on a wednesday so I know the quarantine office is shut, but I also know they are more for commercial travel than individuals, we are only landing in France on our way to the UK, so I know that I need to speak to a customs officer. My dog will be flying in cabin from Seoul (South Korea) and she will have had all necessary paperwork and tests to be allowed entrance to France and the UK.
Is Dog allowed inside the terminal at CDG Paris
- Danielle
(2 Sep 2013 - 09:15)
My niece is metting me in Charle DE Gaule she will have her dog OSCAR with her, can't she enter the arrival terminal with OSCAR to meet me.
(20 Feb 2013 - 08:30)
It can be very confusing... make sure you keep up to date with all documents needed as they change all the time, its easierto from the UK or USA to get all forms but not from AFRICA... as there are different forms and Rabies Test to be done best to check with the embassy to which counrty you are going... and your vet

I must say Air France has been very helpful in this and would use them again , the staff here in SA have been very helpful & friendly

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