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Candelaria - Paris

Candelaria - Paris

Candelaria is a canteen and a bar or more precisely a taqueria and cocktail bar.

Located in the Marais you first discover in the front room an authentic Mexican restaurant with great and simple tacos and burritos like: tacos de carnitas, rajas con queso, tostadas de pollo pibil.. and lot more.. (menu with 3 tacos at 11.5€)


Few tables, nice atmosphere and really delicious!



Then – and this is the trick of the place – there is a hidden bar in the back serving great cocktails made of… tequila of course..
In 2012 this bar was already one of the 50 best in the world..

Last comment

best tacos in Paris
humm (7 Nov 2013 - 17:15)
Best tacos and best cocktails around.. love this cool and great place.. love



Address : 52 rue Saintonge
Zip code : 75003
City : Paris - France
Area : Marais, Notre-Dame
Email :
Website : Candelaria - Paris
Opening hours : 11am to 2pm and from 7pm to 2am
Prices : Menu with 3 tacos at 11.5€
Metro/Bus : Fille du Calvaire



Your comments : Candelaria

best tacos in Paris
- humm
(7 Nov 2013 - 17:15)
Best tacos and best cocktails around.. love this cool and great place.. love
love this place
- sam
(28 Jan 2013 - 12:45)
This bar is just great. best cocktails around.. I went to harry's bar, it was so sad and bad. Happy to find this one fun, young and good!
- maje
(7 May 2011 - 10:45)
It's always a rush to find the next new 'hidden' bar in Paris, and actually get there before it gets old, but really? No windows, small space, poor service and a strict kick-you-out policy by 2am even if you got served 5 minutes before closing. Some things are best left as an eating venue. Dommage!
great tacos
- miamm
(19 Mar 2011 - 10:00)
Not easy to find great tacos in Paris... in fact even really hard. This venue is perfect for lunch because crowded by night time..

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