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The Sacred Heart - Montmartre hill

The Sacred Heart - Montmartre hill ( Le Sacré Coeur et la Butte Montmartre)


The Sacred Heart - Montmartre Hill - Paris

The Sacred Heart - Montmartre Hill - Paris

The hill of Montmartre in the North of Paris rises 129 meters above sea-level.


From the earliest days , Montmartre has been a place of worship: the Druids, the Gauls, the romains temples dedicated to the gods Mars et Mercury; St Peter's church rebuilt near the Royal Abbey of Montmartre on the XII century by King Louis the VI and his wife Adélaïde of Savoy; finally the Sacred Heart Basillica erected at the end of the XIX century.


Access to the dome by using the crypt - Overview onto Paris. Crypt : tombs of cardinals and of the archbishops of Paris who originated the building of the basilica .

Last comment

river seine
lauren (4 Apr 2014 - 09:30)
it is on the right


The Sacred Heart - Montmartre hill

Address : Basilique du Sacré Coeur - Montmartre
Zip code : 75018
City : Paris - France
Area : Montmartre, Sacré-Cœur
Website : Basilique du Sacré Coeur - Montmartre
Opening hours : Basilica : 6am - 10.30pm. Dome and crypt : 9am-5.45pm.
Phone : 01 53 41 89 09
Metro/Bus : Metro : Anvers - Bus : 30, 31, 54, 80, 85, Montmartrobus



Your comments : Sacred Heart Montmartre hill

river seine
- lauren
(4 Apr 2014 - 09:30)
it is on the right
Bank left or right?
- Hannah
(29 Nov 2012 - 10:30)
Hi what bank of the seine river is the Montmartre on? Please and thankyou
student info required
- abdullah lambart
(14 Mar 2012 - 09:15)
hi can some please advise me where to get info on this building in terms of architectural design : plans etc
- yvonne
(10 Oct 2007 - 12:15)
Liked the idea of lighting a candle in the cathedral. The painting on the ceiling was magnificent. Wish I'd been directed to the artists square (which apparently is closeby).
The funicular was awesome as my husband is in a wheelchair.
Thank you
- Ashley
(15 May 2007 - 02:55)
I would really like it if you would show the builders of the monument and why they built it.
The sacred heart on the hill of montmartre
- a student
(29 Nov 2006 - 02:19)
I would really appreciate it if you could specify the monuments charestristic and it's looks.

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