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Sainte Chapelle in Paris

Sainte-Chapelle - Paris


La Sainte Chapelle - Paris

La Sainte Chapelle - Paris

Jewel of gothic architecture, la Sainte-Chapelle was built during the second half of 13th Century by Louis IX, the future Saint Louis, to house the relics of the Passion of Christ. Adorned with a unique collection of fifteen glass panels and a large rose window forming a veritable wall of light, Sainte-Chapelle is a gem of French gothic architecture.


In 1239, after two years of negotiations, Louis IX bought Christ’s crown of thorns from Beaudoin II, the Emperor of Constantinople, for a considerable sum. In 1241 he acquired some more relics from Byzantium and decided to build a monument worthy of such treasure, within the Palais de la Cité itself.


As well as its sumptuous windows, Sainte-Chapelle was decorated with wall paintings, which were faithfully restored in 19th Century, and carvings of a remarkable finesse and variety. The splendour of its architecture and décor and the ceremony attached to the worship of its relics had a marked influence on all artistic and liturgical creativity until the 16th Century.


 You can buy a joint ticket to visit the Sainte-Chapelle and Conciergerie at the same time!

Last comment

Sainte Chapelle
Irma (1 Jan 2015 - 13:00)
What are the directions to get to Sainte Chapelle?


Sainte Chapelle in Paris

Address : 4, boulevard du Palais
Zip code : 75001
City : Paris - France
Area : Marais, Notre-Dame
Email :
Website : Sainte Chapelle - Paris
Opening hours : Open every day 1 March to 31 October : 9:30 am to 6 pm 1 // November to 28 February : 9 am to 5 pm // Closed between 1 and 2 pm during the week 1 January, 1 May 1 and 25 December
Prices : Adult rate : 8 € Reduced rate : 5 € Adult group rate : 6 € (minimum 20 persons) School group rate : 30 € (maximum 35 students, 2 accompananying adults included, adult group rate for additional accompananying adult) Free admission : Minors under 18 (family visit) 18-25 years old (for people under 26 years old who are citizens of one the 27 countries of EU).
Phone : +33-1534060-93/97
Phone 2 : Fax : + 33-153406096
Metro/Bus : Metro : Cité - RER : Saint-Michel-Notre Dame - Bus : 21, 27, 38, 85, 96 and Balabus



Your comments : Sainte Chapelle in Paris

Sainte Chapelle
- Irma
(1 Jan 2015 - 13:00)
What are the directions to get to Sainte Chapelle?
- Teeheehee
(18 Sep 2013 - 09:15)
Bonjor!!!!!!! Did y'all know that the Sainte-Chappelle's glass windows covers about 600 sq. and also some of the windows are the original windows from the 13th century?!?! Amazing isn't it!!!
St. Chapelle
- The original 'Parisgirl'
(20 Sep 2011 - 11:15)
Okay so I haven't been blogging for a few years so it's no surprise that other 'Parisgirls' have appeared in cyberworld, but make no mistake St. Chapelle is most definitely worth visiting, first and foremost for the kaleidoscopic treat of its stained glass, secondly for its historic importance as a landmark for sacred relics, and finally for some excellent concerts. Quite honestly, is there any part of Paris that is 'not interesting'? If St. Chapelle is on your list of places to visit, make sure it's close to the top.
- parisgirl
(22 Jun 2011 - 15:45)
not that interesting
Sainte Chapelle
- sam
(17 Nov 2010 - 22:12)
Sainte Chapelle is a beautiful place to visit... not to many tourist.. enjoy
- sexy
(30 Jan 2008 - 15:01)
yea it's pretty cool
- hailey
(20 Nov 2007 - 19:09)
i enjoyed these photos
i feel like they gave you a great visual of the chappelle, and feel like you are there

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