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Stade de France in Paris

Stade de France - Stadium of France

The Stade de France - Paris

The Stade de France - Paris

The purpose of the Stade de France is to organize great sports events (soccer, rugby, athletics), and also concerts and shows. The Stade de France, conceived by architects Macary-Zubléna-Regembal-Costantini, was inaugurated on the 28th of January 1998 by the President of the French Republic.
In 1998 it organized the world cup (opening match June 10th and final July 12th 1998) and some 20 important events each year. 80 000 seats for soccer and rugby, 75 000 seats for athletics and the Olympic Games, 100 000 seats for shows and concerts. 6 hectares of roof, 45km of terraces, 18 monumental staircases, 9,000 square metres of pitch (119 x 75 m), 15 m : spectators nearest to the touch line, 85 m : spectators fartherst away; 31 months spent in its construction.

The guided tour "Au coeur du Stade" takes you into the museum section to discover another side of the Stade de France, from the edge of the pitch to the players' changing rooms, the VIP stand and the movable stands. Tours begin every hour between 10am and 5pm. In high season, tours in English at 10.30am and 2.30pm. Tours last approx. 1 hour. Not accessible for people with limited mobility (except for the museum section).

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Stade de France in Paris

Zip code : 9321O
City : Saint- Denis - France
Area : No location
Email :
Website : Stade de France - Paris
Opening hours : From 10am to 5pm
Prices : Fees : 10 Euros ; 8.50 Euros: reduced rate for students with proof of status. Family pass 32€
Phone : 0892 700 900 (0,34 euro/min)
Phone 2 : fax :+33 (0)1 55 93 00 49
Metro/Bus : Metro 13: Saint Denis- Porte de Paris / RER B & D: La Plaine Stade de France / Tramway n°1 station St Denis Basilique / bus n°239 - 253 - 139 - 153 - 173 - 255 - 350 / Freeway: Autoroutes A1 (exit n°2 Stade de France ) and A86 ( exit n°9 Saint Denis - La Plaine Stade de France ).



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