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Bike hire in Paris

Bike hire in Paris with Vélib

Bike hire in Paris with Velib

Bike hire in Paris with Velib

You can rent a bike in Paris with Velib. (Vélib for vélo "bike", and lib for "liberty").


 Anyone can pick up a bike at any metro station or anywhere there's a "borne" (stand) of bikes, ride around for half an hour, and then leave it at any Velib' stand.


The first half hour is free, and not only that, the bikes themselves are extremely cool, a sort of futuristic bike that makes you feel like there is nothing more high-tech and advanced than a bicycle. (bikes has been designed by French designer Patrick Jouin)


 We recommend you one of our various Guided Bike Tours, so you will be guided by our professional guides and get to know the real Paris.



  •  How tu use Velib ?
     Vélib’ is a Self Service “bike hire” system available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
     Multi pick up and drop off location allows you to pick up your bike from one service point and drop off to another. Pick up a bike from any station with your credit card (attention: your card must have a microchip, or it won’t work); then deposit it at the station closest to your final destination (there’s only about 300 metres between each station).


  •  Short-term subscription
     Short-terms users can also subscribe to Vélib’. A 1-day or a 7-day Vélib’ ticket is available for purchase on the web or at any of our Vélib’ Service Points.
     Day Vélib’ ticket (€1,70) and 7-day Vélib’ ticket (€8)
     A 1 Day or 7 Day Vélib’ Ticket gives you unlimited number of journeys for the duration of the subscription period.



April 2011 new rates to rent a Velib


  1.  The Official Vélib website very soon in English
  2.  Service points:
     The Vélib’ Service Points are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It is located 300 meters apart, consisting of terminals and stands for fastening the bikes....
  3.  Find a Velib service point in Paris on Google maps


You can use Velib from 14 years old.. Bikes are too heavy for the youngsters.






Your comments : Bike hire in Paris

Parking Velib
- KevZ
(18 Nov 2014 - 21:45)
Be careful parking the bikes back into the bays. I've been using them for over 1 year regularly and recently was fined 150euro for apparently not parking the bike correctly. Despite waiting for the light to go green and pulling the bike back to ensure it was locked, they still said it was never parked and the bike was found 20 days later.

You need to be 100% certain the bike is correctly docked or you get fined.
What tha??
- Mark
(4 Apr 2014 - 09:30)
This is so complicated I think I will just walk
bike hire
- Brendon
(28 Jan 2014 - 09:30)
I have never used this system of hiring a bike but I am interested in learning more about the whole concept, and wether this could work in the city I live in. This one sounds quite confusing and not very user friendly, has anyone had an experience of one that works better in other citys?
Bike Hire Paris - Don't Do This!!!!!!!!
- Chris Staines
(12 Jan 2014 - 15:15)
We were totally mislead by the charges, thinking it was just going to cost Eur1.70 for the day, but then were charged Eur20.70 each for four bikes, and we only had these out for a few hours. What a ripoff...That's over Eur82....BEWARE...
Value for back about bicycle rented
- Muriel Felten Pinheiro
(24 Aug 2013 - 09:00)
Hello, I´ve rented a bycicle on Notre Dame´s Post on 31th july, and it was debited 150 euros on my credit card. I´ve called to your attending service and they told me that in twenty days i would have my money back. But today is 20th august and the money is not in my count. I would like to know when you will put my money back and with who i have to talk to resolve this. Thank you very much, i will be waiiting your answer.
Ridiculous Deposit System!!!
- Day Tourist
(23 Jul 2013 - 09:45)
Whilst on a trip to see a relative we hired these bikes so she could show us around.

It was the most amazing way to see Paris and for not even a couple of Euros was a very cheap way of getting around.
I understood that if I did not return the bike within 7 days my card would be charged 150 Euros. The bike was returned to the rack a couple of hours later. Fine. But realising my bank balance was short, I was told they had taken 150 E from my account!!!!!!
This made no sense! Hoping it was a mistake on their part and not that I had put the bike back incorrectly my cousin called - her French is much better than mine.
Their reason - "Sometimes with some cards the system debits the cash" but "it is fine, they will get it back in 10 days!"

It seems completely outrageous they are allowed to do that, it would be more reassuring if they debited ALL cards! If I was on a budget I would have been screwed! Never again will I trust them!
Over priced and poor customer service
- bob smith
(10 Jul 2013 - 09:45)
Dont touch it with a barge pole, just been charged a substantial (89 euros) for 2 hours....and to add insult they charged me twice!! Good idea in principal but very poor customer service behind the scenes who are not prepared to sort it out. I could of paid for 2 return flights to paris for the price of 2 hours bike hire!!
Bike hire
- Reinhard
(6 Jul 2013 - 10:15)
Guys. I need to hire a racing bike for 2 weeks during the Tour de France ???????
Rent as a tourist
- Joanne
(19 Jun 2013 - 10:30)
Is it really hold euro 150 for 15 days ? How if its not returned ?
explanation of charges
- Chantal
(21 May 2013 - 09:30)
Hello everyone,

I see so many people outraged by the Velib' charges during their holiday, so please, when you want to use Velib', simply look at this very clear explanation of fees carefully before you go: The prices of the 1-day and 7-day passes are not the prices of the actual usage, it's what you pay to have a pass (i.e. saves time getting you bike in and out, etc.). Velib' is a wonderful concept, but please always keep in mind that it's intended for short use - go somewhere, put it back, take another one for your next ride. Not intended for a whole day's use, unless you want to pay almost EUR 200 a day: first 30 minutes are free, the first hour-and-a-half will cost you EUR 3 in total, after that, each additional 30 minutes is EUR 4.
- Robert
(2 Jan 2013 - 12:45)
How long does it take for the deposit to be returned? The upfront charge for a deposit seems ridiculous
Bike hire deposit charge!
- W Johns
(1 Oct 2012 - 08:30)
We hired 2 bikes yesterday in Paris, although it took a little working out at first we managed to do in a reasonably short time.

It mentioned that the deposit would be requested from your bank but 'NOT TAKEN', on returning our bikes we realised our deposits had not been returned even the next day....financially, this caused us a little problem.
I ended up telephoning the help line about this and they informed me as a foreigner the deposit will take up to 15 DAYS to be returned to our account !!

15 DAYS!!! - how can this be, it is truly ridiculous, on the machine it says it does not take the deposit! - this has made us both seriously angry and caused us problems for the remainder of our time here in Paris...

We will not be hiring theses bikes again, the metro is far cheaper!!

Disgusting how they can keep your deposits for this long!

- local
(18 Aug 2012 - 12:30)
Here's how it works:
1 day pass is valid for 24 hours. If you get it at 5pm, it's good until 4:59pm the next day.
You have the bike for free for 30 minutes. All you have to do is put the bike into another rack before the 30 minutes is up and grab another one right after. It's free all day long like this. If the rack is full, just put in your info in the machine and it will give you an extra 5 minutes to find another rack. They're everywhere.
If you have an iphone, I recommend downloading the Velib app. It shows you where the stations are, how many bikes and how many open spaces are available at each rack.

Finally, they do hold $150 on your account but it's not per bike removal. If you remove a bike 10 times in a day, you won't be charged $1500. Now if you have 3 passes on one credit card, you'll probably be charged $450. Regardless, you get the money on hold back quickly. I've never even seen it on my credit card.
150 euro authorisation
- roger
(25 Jul 2012 - 10:45)
my wife has been using the bikes every day with my children and each time Velib block 150 euro per bike form her bank account. After three days this is now 900 euros from her bak account that is unavailable for use. does anyone know how to get Velib ti release this money. it seems ridiculous that they can block money from accounts for days at a time after the bikes have been returned?!
a question
- Kchi
(20 Jul 2012 - 09:00)
As you get the first 30mins free, does this mean that you can get a bike out, ride for 29.5 ins put the bike in and then get a new bike out straight after, without incurring any fees?
Pin code problem
- Bill
(17 Jul 2012 - 09:15)
I have same issue as Liz--I cant get VELIB online site to accept any PIN code at all....
very misleading info on velib website
- Mike
(11 Jul 2012 - 07:45)
So you pay 1.7 EUR per day, first half an hour is free. That means you hate to pay that first amount just to get access to a bike. After that u pay 1 EUR for every half an hour passing those first 30 minutes :) Very Expansive !
Online order will not process
- Liz
(10 Jul 2012 - 08:45)
I tried many times but your order process does not accept my pin code no matter if I use numbers or letters. Nothing works. Can you please help?
micro chip in us credit cards?
- suzanne
(10 Jul 2012 - 08:45)
I visit paris every 4 yrs, am from the us but visit family here. would love to do velib, but my us credit and debit cards do not have the "microchip. Any way around this?
Misleading ticket labels?
- Ines
(6 Jul 2012 - 08:00)

I don't understand the P Lacey's comment (2 Jul 2012 - 08:15). So, something called "1-day-ticket" (1,70€) is not actually a one day ticket?

Because in the text it says a “1 Day or 7 Day Vélib’ Ticket gives you unlimited number of journeys for the duration of the subscription period”. Isn’t the “duration of the subscription period” a WHOLE DAY (in the case of a 1-day-ticket) ? Cause if not it’s just a half-an-hour ticket or whatever, with a misleading label, right?

Can someone clarify me on this? Thank you.
Costs = 183 Euro per day on daily hire, OK for short hops no-good otherwise.
- P Lacey
(2 Jul 2012 - 08:15)
Usage charges at cycle terminals are not clear, T&Cs are in French. The actual costs of hiring the Velib are 30 minutes free then 1 euro for upto 1 hour. 1.5 hours is 3 Euro, for 2 hours and over add another 4 euro per 30 minutes or 8 euro per hour.

For example, 8 hours cycle hire is 55 euro, or 183 euro per 24 hours. This is not made clear at the service points or on the Velib web site.

Also note a 150 euro per bike card authorisation will be sent to your bank.
bike hire service
- Justyn
(30 Jun 2012 - 06:45)
We have just used this service for the first time today, its Fab, it really is just like riding a bike, follow the on screen instructions, pick up from one stand drop off at another'
two bikes
(23 Jun 2012 - 12:00)
Can you get two bikes with the one credit card? My teenager and I are travelling together, and she doesn't have her own credit card.
baby chairs
- wilbri
(28 Feb 2012 - 19:45)
is it possible to use a baby chair on these bikes?
are helmets required by law for adults?

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