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Best Wine bars in Paris

best Wine Bars in Paris

Wine bars in Paris are also considered like a kind of restaurant as usually they offer wine and food at the same time, like imposing assortment of charcuterie (ham, sausages, pâtés) and of real country cheeses.


An occasion to make a gastronomic trip around France and enjoy regional specialties, simply by visiting different wine bars and also tasting of lesser known wines appellations.. Great fun ensured!


In French we call them: bars à vin.







A boire tavernier!
A boire, à boire, à boire !
A boire tavernier !
Met tes tonneaux en perce
Et verse volontiers
En nos verres et nos coupes
Le vin de l’amitié !
Que le bon vin de France abreuve nos gosiers !


Remember that:
 In Paris lunch is served from 11:30am to 2pm and dinner from 7:30pm to 11pm. 
 Restaurants are often closed on Sunday and Monday.
 Tipping: all bills include a service charge, but an additional tip of a few euros (for the whole table) is polite unless you’re unhappy with the service.


Editor's choice : Les Papilles - Restaurant

Address : 30, rue Gay Lussac
Opening hours : Monday to Saturday from 10:30am till midnight
Phone : 01 43 25 20 79
Metro/Bus : Place Monge

Les Papilles


Les Papilles Bistro in Paris

Paris restaurant Les Papilles

If you want to find a coffee bar and wine bar in Paris, Les Papilles will meet all your expectations.


This first thing you notice about Les Papilles is the wine, and the place does double-duty as a wine bar.


Laëtitia Cosnier and Bertrand Bluy respectively chef and pastry chef, took over this former wine cellar into a small bistro where the wine is always in the spotlight alongside a selection of wines from the South-West and elsewhere.


The wines sold at the store can be opened in the restaurant, with a small charge fee.


For a special event you can rent a room, business, bar and coffee Les Papilles is a nice discovery to make.


You can also take away your favorite dishes. In this bar and coffee, pets are allowed.

Editor's choice : Le Rubis - Restaurant

Address : 10 rue Marché St-Honoré
Opening hours : Open from noon to 10:30pm, closed Saturday evening and Sunday
Phone : +33 (0)1 42 61 03 34
Metro/Bus : Tuileries
Le Rubis - Paris

Le Rubis - Paris

Le Rubis is the best know wine bar in Paris, offering an extensive wine list centred mainly on the Beaujolais and Loire wines. Despite its rustic, slightly battered interior, it attracts serious businessmen and lawyers at lunch, and students and fashion folk at night. For lunch you can have typical bistrot meal like andouillette, bourguignon, jarret and boudin (10 et 12 €). The best time to visit Le Rubis is late in the afternoon when the streets are darkening and the regulars are installed at the bar, leaving the banquettes empty.

Editor's choice : Le Dauphin - Restaurant

Address : 131, avenue Parmentier
Opening hours : From 11am to 2 pm and from 7pm to 11pm - Closed saturday for lunch, Sunday and Monday.
Phone : 01 55 28 78 88
Metro/Bus : Goncourt
Le Dauphin - Paris

Le Dauphin - Paris

After the famous Le Chateaubriand (next door) - Inaki Aizpitarte and Fred Peneau opened by the end of 2010 the “Le Dauphin” a tapas bar decorated with white marble by Rem Koolhaas (Pritzker 2000) and Clément Blanchet..

No surprise design is really astonishing .


Concept at Le Dauphin is to present big tapas called in Spain “rationes” like “terrine of mallard”, "tempura shrimp",“cevice of Shade-fish”, “risotto in its ink”, “velvety of sweet chestnut with foie gras”, “yellow Pollock à  la plancha”…. It’s delicious and creative like they are used to..


Excellent wine selection. It’s a bit far from the city center, but trendy and fun by night time.. Worth to see!!

Your comments : Wine bars in Paris

O Chateau is my favorite
- Pat from Denver
(1 Jun 2012 - 09:00)
I come to Paris at least once a year and to me, hands down, my favorite wine bar is O Chateau. I discovered them a few years back, when they were only offering wine tasting classes, but they've expanded ever since. Their wine bar is gorgeous, 30+ wines by the glass, great food, great music. Love it!!
wine bars
- fred
(14 Oct 2011 - 10:45)
I feel really in paris when I can have a glass of wine in a nice wine bar.. my little pleasure

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