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Trendy eateries in Paris

Trendy eateries in Paris

As going out for a diner is a national occupation in Paris and in France, knowing the buzz around the latest venue, the “It” chef of the moment, the last innovation, is often a kind frantic race.



This heading will help you find trendy eateries everybody raves about in Paris!!


Come often it changes fast!!





Remember that:
 In Paris lunch is served from 11:30am to 2pm and dinner from 7:30pm to 11pm. 
 Restaurants are often closed on Sunday and Monday.
 Tipping: all bills include a service charge, but an additional tip of a few euros (for the whole table) is polite unless you’re unhappy with the service.



Editor's choice : Sola - Restaurant

Address : 12 rue de l’Hôtel Colbert
Opening hours : From 12am to 2 pm and 8pm to 11 pm - Closed Sunday and Monday
Phone : 01 43 29 59 04
Metro/Bus : Maubert - Mutualité
Sola - Paris

Sola - Paris

Hiroki Yoshitake Sola's Chef must love France and its gastronomy. Difficult to say concerning its cuisine what from Japanese or French tradition. Certainly has he kept the best of both countries: a true happiness of flavors, textures and feelings. Two degustation menus for lunch (35 or 50€) as well as for dinner (45 or 60€). We adored:

The “velouté” of grapefruit, fennel with yuzu oil.

A small” bouchée” of caramelized foie gras with miso.


A tartar of trout, beetroot, mascarpone and capers…

Razor clams with chorizo, cream of sweet peppers.

Roast guinea fowl, mushrooms, reds onions and miso sauce..


It is incomparable, surprising and would deserve all the stars of the Parisian sky.  


If you sit downstairs you’ll be asked to remove your shoes.

Since its launching Sola is often full, it is even necessary from now on to book a good week in advance. 

Editor's choice : Yam'tcha - Restaurant

Address : 4 Rue Sauval

Opening hours : from 11:30am to 2pm and from 7pm to 11pm - Closed Monday and Tuesday
Phone : 01 40 26 08 07
Metro/Bus : Louvre - Rivoli
Yam'tcha - Paris

Yam'tcha - Paris

The name Yam'tcha translates to "drink tea" and alludes to the available tea pairings. Directed by young Chef Adeline Grattard this venue is the “It” one of the moment.
French critics fall in love for the quality of the products, the cookings and finally the virtuosos savors… We loved “Shrimp Ravioles of Mozambique” and “Duck of Challans with Sichuanese eggplant” and more globally the Asian inspiration of her cuisine – she lived two years in Hong-Kong..
Not far from the Louvre Museum.. Exceptional but always over booked..
Count for Lunch menu at 45 euros and for dinner menu at 65 euros

Editor's choice : KGB - Kitchen Galerie Bis - Restaurant

Address : 25, rue des Grands-Augustins
Opening hours : From 12am to 2:30pm and from 7pm to 11pm - Closed on Sunday and Monday
Phone : 01 46 33 00 85
Metro/Bus : Saint-Michel, Odéon
KGB - Kitchen Galerie Bis - Paris

KGB - Kitchen Galerie Bis - Paris

After the great success of Ze Kitchen Galerie – which is still a reference in Paris, William Ledeuil and Cédric Maréchal opened this KGB - Kitchen Galerie Bis in August 2009. Same spirit in a smaller place. Same French cuisine , orientally  inspired.


We enjoyed “zors-d’oeuvre” as they name it, like "Ravioles de crabe",  “Pork with coconut milk and ginger Thai-style” or “Deep fried lamb kofte with sweet chili dipping sauce”.

For mains: Grilled cod, tarragon & Meyer lemon condiment", Grilled Seabream sauce vierge and grappefruit, Grilled suckling lamb of Pyrénées, Thai jus",  “Sardinian gnocchi cooked in a bitter-sweet tomato marmalade with galangal and chorizo” ,  “Sparerib of pork grilled  with an exquisite juice inspired by Japanese teriyaki”.
And a Mango Cappuccino with guava sorbet and passion fruit emulsion..


To make it even easier you can simply taste the Discovery menu at 60€ with plenty of "zors-d'oeuvre" a fish, a meat and few desserts..


It was largely above “zaverage” served by best personnel in Paris: smiling and looking simply happy to do their job, always available to advise you according to your tastes and desires..
Very easy to find on the left bank..  Book a few days in advance

Editor's choice : Le Dauphin - Restaurant

Address : 131, avenue Parmentier
Opening hours : From 11am to 2 pm and from 7pm to 11pm - Closed saturday for lunch, Sunday and Monday.
Phone : 01 55 28 78 88
Metro/Bus : Goncourt
Le Dauphin - Paris

Le Dauphin - Paris

After the famous Le Chateaubriand (next door) - Inaki Aizpitarte and Fred Peneau opened by the end of 2010 the “Le Dauphin” a tapas bar decorated with white marble by Rem Koolhaas (Pritzker 2000) and Clément Blanchet..

No surprise design is really astonishing .


Concept at Le Dauphin is to present big tapas called in Spain “rationes” like “terrine of mallard”, "tempura shrimp",“cevice of Shade-fish”, “risotto in its ink”, “velvety of sweet chestnut with foie gras”, “yellow Pollock à  la plancha”…. It’s delicious and creative like they are used to..


Excellent wine selection. It’s a bit far from the city center, but trendy and fun by night time.. Worth to see!!

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